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Schwabenmax Short Stroke Throttle . Shorten the gas path of your Motorcycle. Full speed with one Movement by your Bike. Short Throttle also possibel for your Motorcycle.

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Schwabenmax Parts

Schwabenmax Parts

Schwabenmax your competent partner when it comes to motorcycle Tuning
We offer premium quality in remodeling and accessories for Motorcycles.
Visit our Schwabenmax online shop,
We offer a comprehensive selection of high quality motorcycle accessories.
From our own production, they find it a great range for its:

  • K1200R , K1200S, K1200R Sport
  • K1300R , K1300S
  • VMax 1200
  • GSX 1400
We carry a wide range of motorcycles.
With us you find products from:

  • Bodis
  • Cool and Ride
  • Dynoyet
  • MAB
  • MRA
  • LSL
  • Otec
  • Pazzo
  • Spiegler Bremstechnik