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Schwabenmax Quick action Throttle for Yamaha Models

Schwabenmax Quick action Throttle for Yamaha Models

Shortenend the accelerate by your Motorcycle

Schwabenmax Innovation

Short Stroke Throttle for Motorcycles
Quick action throttle fit for Yamaha Models.
In the serial production of the aforementioned models it's impossible, to turn the gas handle from minimum to maximum position in one movement.
With our NEW INNOVATIVE PRODUCT you can turn the handle in one movement and guarantees full acceleration in an absolute safe performance on the road.
This product gives your ride a more secure feeling on your bike and a better grip on the handle bar!
The hand gear from position "zero" to "maximum" is shortened
depending on type about appr.20- 25,0%.
The new handling is more ergonomically and facilitates your wrist movement in a significant manner.
You can utilize this biomechanical benefit after a short time of accommodation

It has been tested extensively since Spring and Summer 2010 on client machines in different versions.
So we can offer you a permanently developed, high precision component and still more fun and safety on your bike!

Short stroke fits to the Yamaha Models below.
MT01 Year 2005-2011
MT06 Year 2006-2011
MT09 Year 2014-2018
FZ1 /Fazer Year from 2006-
FZ6 Year 2004-2009
FZ8 / Fazer 800 Year from 2011-
FZS 1000/Fazer Year 2001-2004
FZS 600/Fazer Year from 1998-
R1 Year 2000-2006
XP 500 T Max Year 2008-2016
XJ6 Year from 2009-
XJR 1300 alle Modelle
XSR 900 from 2016-
XT 600/ 660R/Z/ZA/Tenere Year from 2004-
Vmax 1700, all

Note XJR 1300 models:
This model can also use the KHG Y1.0.
The gas path is then a bit shorter, but more must be ground on the handle housing.

From this Short Throttle there are two variants:
Using OEM-Series Suzuki Grip is Typ Y1.3
Using Aftermarctgrips from ABM, Shin yo or Rizzoma is Typ AR2.0

This notice is to be observed only when using accessories handles!
When using ABM, Shin yo or Rizoma grips, please use the supplied by the manufacturers smallest ring.
You can also order this also with us at an additional cost of 10 €

Beispiel für Gaswegverkürzung, Example for shortening
in Grad °
für Modell V Max 1200
von 85 auf 64 Grad, ca. 25,0%
für Modell R1/Fazer
von 76 auf 59 Grad, ca. 22,5%
für Modell XJR 1200/1300
von 78 auf 61 Grad, ca. 22,0%
für Modell K1200 S/R
von 76 auf 57,5 Grad, ca. 25%
für Modell K1300S/R
von 78 auf 65 Grad, ca. 17,5%

  1. The throttle cover must be processed in accordance with our instructions.
  2. In this model, the short stroke fits without major processing of the handle housing!
  3. Due to serial tolerances on the housing, a maximum of 1mm must be modificated.
  4. Mounting Instructions for Yamaha Models,sorry only in german
  • No TÜV registration required.
  • Utility and design patent.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany.

Order Inner Ring for Typ AR1.0  
Unit price 49,50 EUR
Price includes VAT, shipping costs not included
Delivery time in working days after receipt of payment: DE: 7 days EU 8-10 daysWorld: 10-12Days

Info Deliverytime
Here you will found the right of recovation and recovation form

Deliverycontent : 3D CNC milledAluadapter

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